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Odyssey's Escort Reviews

Location: Escorts » California Escorts » San Diego Escorts » Odyssey
 The Review  
  Posted By: DollarBill Posted On: 5/25/2011
  Appearance:  She looks just like her picture
  Experience:  She left at the scheduled time and time was not an issue
Recommend:  I would call her again; we had a good time together
Rating:  (5.0 out of 5 stars)

Ok so this girl is like candy I am addicted to her
We met at her place and I wanted a longer session which she agreed to after the business was discuss we were off and running
We went for a swim in the ocean and then took our swim suits off
She moved slow and steady on my member never stopping and listening to my breathing. I sucked her huge tits while she increased the speed and motion before I could stop I shot my load into the pacific.
Went went back to her place and she bathed me and then got out the lotion one more pop and again I was a satified customer

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