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Swingers FAQs
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Listed below is a list of frequently asked questions about the swinging lifestyle that we have received over the years. If you have a question that is not listed or have one you think should be added please contact us.

What is swinging and what are the different types of swinging?
Swinging has many different definitions depending on who you talk to, which again is why communication is so important between you, your partner, and anyone you may consider swinging with. A generally accepted definition of swinging is social and sexual interaction with other like minded adults wanting to participate in various sexual activities. Different types of swinging activities are: having another male or female join you for a threesome, meeting another couple for group sex or partner swapping, or meeting a group of people and participating in orgies.

I'm interested, how do I get my partner interested in swinging?
This is probably the most asked question of us. First, swinging is not for everyone and maybe your partner is one those who will not be interested. But, if you truly believe that he/she might be OK with it, here our some suggestions. Let your better half know that no matter what they decide, that you love them and respect their decision. Take your time. Let him/her get comfortable with the whole idea. Begin with non-threatening situations by going to a social where there is no actual swinging at the event. If your partner likes to dance, go to a couples dance club (even if you don't like to dance). Don't ever pressure your partner or make them feel guilty for not swinging And again, above all, take your time.

So how do I bring up the subject of swinging to my partner?
Communication! This is biggest cause of swinging couples problems (come to think of it, all couples). You should have good communications if you are going to swing. If you do not have a solid relationship with your partner, the swinging lifestyle is not for you. Talk about your fantasies. Show him/her web sites like these, watch adult movies together and talk about the scenes in the movie. Again, talk to your partner, we can't stress it enough!

Ok, we have agreed to swing together. How do we start?
Depends on your situation and where you live. If you have a club near you, visit it. Most clubs have an orientation for new members. If you live in some of the more backwards parts of the world (like Utah) you will have to be more creative. Advertising in one of the national swing magazines can bring fairly good success. Most people these days are meeting other people through the internet. If you want to meet a group of people, then finding a club in your area on a site like this one is a good place to start. If you are looking for something a bit more personal, try an adult personals site like

What kind of people are swingers?
Swingers are every day people just like you. We've met everyone one from neurosurgeons to waitresses, young and mature in age. Swingers tend to be outgoing, fun loving people. Physically you will see all body types; tall or short, skinny or voluptuous, and all combinations in between. The swinging lifestyle also includes people of many racial and ethnic backgrounds, there are truly no boundaries when it comes to swinging.

Should we practice safe sex when swinging?
Most people that participate in the swinging lifestyle insist on it, some do not. It is a personal decision for you. There are many sexually transmitted diseases out there and the chance of pregnancy, so, do what you feel comfortable with. Never let anyone convince you not to use protection, if it is what you want to do.

My partner and/or I are a little overweight. Should we lose weight before we swing?
Well, it's always nice to lose a little weight if you want to. But don't let that stop you from participating in swinging. You will find all types and shapes of couples at events. Being height and weight proportional does give you more options, obviously the more attractive you are, the more people will be attracted to you, again it is simply a personal choice.

What do I do when we meet a couple that I am very interested in the but my partner is not?
This is a tough situation, and every swinging couple has the problem from time to time. Swinging needs to be a mutually agreeable sharing and if it's not, one of you will get hurt. Hopefully you and your partner have discussed this situation previously. If not, do it now. Also, perhaps if you spend more time with the couple in question, perhaps your feelings might change, they might not, but at least give it a chance. But if in the end you are still not interested, let you partner know, and continue to look for the couple that is right you for both of you.

Why can't we find a single girl for a threesome? There are a lot of men, but we can't find a single girl who is interested. Why?
This is a problem for most swinging couples. For most couples, a threesome with a sexy single woman is probably one of the most sensual experiences that is imaginable. Unfortunately, in most cases they are few and far between.

When it comes to looking for a single girl, patience is often the key. If you do meet someone who is interested in talking about the possibility, offer your friendship first, try to help her to get comfortable with both of you. If you are going to try and meet her online, on major piece of advice, guys to don't pretend to be your partner online. This happens all too often, and in most cases causes you to miss out on the opportunity.

I'm a single guy. How come so many ads say no single males?
To most active swingers, swinging is not only physical, but philosophical. Swinging is sharing. Sharing is two-sided and single guys tend to be takers and not givers. Single guys often turn to swinging because they can't get it anyway else. They also tend to be rushed, "Hi, nice to meet you, let's fuck". We have also seen a problem with them becoming too attached or falling in love with the with the woman and then trying to get her to leave her husband. There is also a far greater ratio of single men to single women that want to participate. Some couples and single women do like to swing with single men, so it's not out of the question, but it is going to be more difficult for you if you area a single guy.

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