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Swingers Guide
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Listed below is a general beginners guide to the swingers lifestyle. This guide will help you have the best first experience possible, but should only be used as a general guide. If there is any topic not discussed here that you would like to see, please contact us.

Have Fun
The Most important thing about swinging is to have a good time. Explore your sexuality, act out your fantasies and enjoy emotional growth with your partner.

Communicate With Your Partner
Be honest about your feelings. Do not let your negative feelings grow out of control, while not expressing them to your partner. Be honest with your partner. Do not abuse your partners trust. Do not lie to your partner.

Arrive With a Swinging Partner
This might seem obvious to you, but some people become obsessed with their sexual fantasies that they will do 'anything' to act them out. Do not bring a mutual friend that does not plan to participate (aka 'a ticket'), do not hire an escort, do not surprise your wife or lover by bringing them to some party that is a known swing party.

Arrive And Depart As A Couple
It is a general rule the couple must arrive and depart from a social or club together. Never abandon your partner and leave them there as a single. Always remain close to your partner until you are both 100% comfortable with your surroundings.

What To Wear To A Party
Wear an inviting smile! Dress like like everyone else will be dressing. This might be a good question for the hosts. If you don't intend to go with the theme of a theme swing party, don't go! If you are attending an on-premise party, take a robe, negligee, or other slip-on. You may find it more comfortable as the evening continues. Leave money, jewelry, and other valuables at home. The best way to not lose something valuable, is to leave it at home.

Be Courteous and Friendly
Be aware that this is a lifestyle full of insecurities, uncertainties and fears. Courteously is how everyone wants to be treated - with kindness, thoughtfulness, understanding and sensitivity. In essence, courtesy is our treating people the way we ourselves want to be treated. Whether or not you are personally interested in swinging with someone, be polite.

When you are going to be attending a social event you should bring some supplies with you. It is best to pre-arrange what you are going to bring. Food, beverages, ice, towels, lubricant, paper plates, napkins, etc. Never bring anything that is not legal such as drugs. If the party is BYOB then bring your own bottle and drink only your own bottle unless someone else invites you to take a drink.

Arrive on Time
It is not fashionable to be late to a swingers' party. Most people at a swing party are there for a reason, to have fun and enjoy themselves. No one is going to stop an intimate encounter to answer the door or phone. Call before the party starts to announce you will not be able to make it.

Arrive Prepared
Arrive 100% clean! Like military movies? Shit, Shower and Shave before you leave you barracks to embark upon your important mission. Take whatever you and your partner will need with you. Carry a small overnight bag for lingerie, robe, hairbrush, comb, toothbrush, cologne, intimate cleansing articles, condoms, etc. If you plan to stay there overnight bring sleeping bags, blankets, pillows unless previous arrangements have been made. Arrive with a good attitude.

No Means No
If someone says no, do not do it and stop asking, in fact do not even think about it. If someone asks you to do something you do not want to do, politely say no. That is being honest. Maybe later, not right now, etc. is leading the person on and toying with their emotions. They might ask you again later creating the same situation you were just in.

Follow The House Rules
Respect the rules the host(s) have set! Where to park, eat, drink, smoke, have sex and everything else. Your are going to leave in a few hours, in most cases they live there. If you spill something, clean it up. If you drop something, pick it up. Treat the establishment as if you owned it. Do not disturb people that are having intimate moments. Do not disrupt the mood of any room you are in. The group room is for group sex, if you and your partners motors are not primed and running you should not be there.

Swingers Party Etiquette
Do not go room to room looking for sex, turning on lights or disrupting the mood in anyway. Finding a place for you and your new partners is ok, if done in an non-disruptive manner. Make the hosts aware of a anyone that is a problem or not respecting the hosts property. If you have have a good time, feel free to share that information with others. If you did not have a good time, do not bad mouth the hosts or club. Most importantly, respect the privacy of everyone at the party, most swingers want to be 100% anonymous with everyone that is not a swinger. Call the hosts to say thank you, better yet... help them clean up after the party.

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